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One of my friends asked me why I picked a childminder over a nursery when Dylan was little and I started rhyming all of this stuff off and then just felt overwhelmed about how lucky I am to have you and Paul. I have never had to worry about anything for the 3 years Dylan has been with you and just wanted you both to know how grateful I am. Thank you xx


Dylans Mam

Just wanted to say a very big thank you for being the best people I could of chosen to care for Jay. You are all great and Jay will miss coming. All the best from Cheryl, Karl, Jay and Hannah
Happy Mammy

Both the girls have been with Natalie since she started child minding. Over the years we have had no complains as both Paul and Natalie are very good at what they do. The girls love going to there house and always have fun there. I am always confident that they are receiving the best care possible.
Claire and Steve
satisfied mam and dad

Thank you both so much for everything you have done over the past 3 years since having Leighton, we really couldn't of chosen anyone better. Leighton has always loved coming and I am sure he will miss you both and all of the other children who he has become close to when in your care. We will be recommending you both and let everyone know how brilliant you are, Thank you P.S Photos of Leighton in his school uniform  :)
Kimberley, Stephen and Leighton
Happy mammy and daddy

All childminders have to look after their children, feed them a healthy diet and keep them safe, that's their job. However, Natalie and Paul do so much more than this, Hannah has FUN as well as receiving the highest standard of care (as well as Pauls delicious home cooked food) At the end of they day I also get an email with Hannahs daily diary & photos which only proves Natalies is the best place to be!
Very happy mammy

Reuben is usually pretty happy anywhere, but he loves it at yours if the photos are anything to go by! I am pleased he has got on well with the other children. I am so glad you all had fun and that Reuben has made lots of new friends in such a short time. Thanks Natalie
Reubens Mummy
Confident Mummy

I know the boys are happy at urs by the way they get excited wen I tell them on a morning "its Natalie day today"
Trever Robinson
Happy Daddy

Thank you very much for all your help. Zoe loves being in your care. Craig and Zoe
Craig Brantor
"Daddy & Daughter"

Our son, Jonah, is a happy, fun loving child who loves going to see Natalie and Paul. I am a full time working mum with a time consuming job but I never worry about the care Jonah will be receiving - I know it will be the best he can get. Natalie and Paul are really flexible and helpful childminders as well as kind, loving people. Children who are looked after by Natalie and Paul are individually catered for to the highest level. We feel very lucky to have found Natalie and Paul - Jonah is very pleased too!
Helen and Darren Grainger
Delighted parents

In the months that I have had Natalie I have found her to be a very professional childminder and I have found my son to come on leaps and bounds and because of this I would highly recommend Natalie as an excellent childminder.
Bev Morris
"Satisfied Mummy"

I liked it when I made the card for Nataly because it was fun. My card said on the front just to say and inside I wrote To Nataly you are a angle sent from heven above no wounder the angle is you love Chloe xxxxxxxxxxxx

We are impressed with how quick Lindon has settled in his first week, he normally cries when being left and he took 4 months to settle into the private nursery he went to before coming to you, so he must love coming to stop at your house. He loves Woody too. On the weekend he was asking after you all, which I thought was sweet. Paul and Natalie have put our minds at ease about watching the boys and we both feel they have a happy and welcoming home! and hope to have many years with them.
Hazel and Trever Robinson
"Happy Mummy & Daddy"

We are very pleased with the way Rowan has been this week, he is asking to go to Natalie and Pauls every morning, he must like coming to your house as if he didnt like it, we would know about it. We love bringing the boys.
Hazel & Trever Robinson
"Trusting Parents"

Thanks for reccommending Natalie to me, she's great and the boys just love it there : )
Two Happy Mummys
"Conversation on a social networking site between 2 mummys"

Natalie, your a star!!!
"James and Harrys Dad"

I am sound minded that Charlie is with two brilliant childminders - Natalie and Paul. The care you give is second to none.
Kim Thompson
"Chloe and Charlies Mummy"

Natalie and Paul are very nice, kind and generous people. They are brilliant with all of the children that go to their lovely home. They treat each child equally, attends to everyones needs at all times and take a great interest in every child that comes to their house. Their house is always a happy environment as all the children love going to natalie and pauls to play and spend quality, comfortable, fun time and learning new exciting things throughout the week. They take great care in what healthy meals and snacks they prepare for the children. Natalie and Paul really value and enjoy their job as childminders and wouldnt change it for the world and I know the children have good relationships with both of them. I would suggest that anyone who is looking for a safe, secure and enjoyable place for their children, that they go to natalie and paul if they want the best care, attention and learning skills that is provided in their welcoming home. x Nicola (sister)
"Family Member"

natalie looked after my grandson from birth ,their is no other childminder than natalie that i would recommend.she is a very professional ,caring and has amazing child skills in her many years of training shines through in her work,she is a very confident ,warm caring person to parent or child.The most i respect about natalie and husband paul is there warmth and dedication which they put into caring for our children so we can have peace of mind whilst getting on with day to day duties knowing that the children are in safe and very capable hands,thank you both so much and i hope your buisness flourishes you so deserve to karen x
Karen O Regan
"Happy Grandma"

Natalie looked after my 2 girls (before becoming a childminder) for many years before they turned 11 and went to secondary school. The girls loved Natalie and thought the world of her and still do. Even sometimes now we meet up and have a catch up. Natalie is a warm, loving and caring person who I would have no doubt or second thought about leaving my children with. I was so lucky to have Natalie as a carer to my two girls and dont know what I would of done without her. I think she is a great person and a fantastic childminder. I am sure you will see for yourself though just how great she is with out my word but I am happy to give Natalie a great reference to anyone who would like one. Keep up the great work Natalie. Your one in a million. Speak soon. Karen, Erin and Beth x
Karen Lund
"Satisfied Mum"

James B When I come to Natalies house I like to play with all of the toys. There is lots and lots to choose from. I love all of the different foods that we have tried and tasted at Natalies house and Paul makes some tasty snacks too. I really love the pizza Paul makes and his sausage rolls too. I have made lots and lots of new friends who all go to different schools.
James age 8 and a half

I come to Natalie's on a regular basis with my sister who is 5. I enjoy coming here as it is a fun and loving enviroment. Natalie is fun and nice to talk to. Natalie's partner, Paul, is really nice aswell. They both treat everyone the same and even send their son to another childminder so that they will treat everyone the same. They do good healthy meals and snacks. There is lots of things to do at Natalies and I often do my homework here.
Farrah age 12 years old

September 2021

Whats new?

Parents breakfast

We are constantly always looking to improve our setting in every single aspect and one of those many aspects is our partnership with parents. In September we will be introducing a grab and go breakfast for busy parents on the move for every single one of our parents. This service will be free of charge and available every morning from 7am- 8:30am. You will be able to find this placed outside of the gate where you hand your little one over too us. We know as parents when you’re trying to get organised on a morning sometimes we go without just so we can be on time.

Our lending library

Our lending library has proven popular and this will continue in September. Please encourage your little ones to take a book home and share a story with them. Our library not only encourages a love of reading and extending and learning more vocabulary but it learns children responsibility and respect of caring for something that doesn’t belong to them and the aspect of borrowing to give back when they have finished with what they borrow. If parents have any books their little ones have finished with too we would happily rehome them in our lending library.

Don’t forget Willington library is now also open again, its such a wonderful library and if you have any request for certain books the ladies in there will order them in for you if they don’t already have it.

£1 fund

We have had our weekly £1 fund running for a while now and its been really successful in helping us to continue to keep on top of little things like replacing pencils and crayons, cooking and lots of additional activities. You can bring your £1 fund at the start of the week and hand it to a member of staff to pop in the tin. Please dont give your child the money as we may not know they have it and it could potentially get lost.

As new families are joining us we have included the information on this newsletter.

*Please note this is a voluntary contribution 

New team member pending

We are extending our team in the new year. We will begin our extensive interview process for a new team member from September. The new member of staff will be joining us in each of the school holidays from February 2022 onwards. The reason we begin our search so early is that we find the most perfect person who we believe will be the right person for our setting and the best in providing the care and education for our little ones.

Annual fundraiser

We completed our annual fundraiser and raised a huge

£380.50. With this money we have bought so much including new children’s furniture, restocked the arts and crafts, sensory equipment and so much more. We will include the full list of resources of what we have bought on our facebook page once all of the items have arrived.

Sad goodbyes and happy hellos 

It’s that time of year again where we say a sad goodbye to our school leavers. This year we are saying goodbye to Priya, Arthur, Emilia, Luca, George, Charlotte and Rosie and wish them all well as they begin their new adventures at school.

With sad goodbyes we do get to have some wonderful happy hellos and we wish to say a huge welcome to Athena, Kanan,Foxx, Harry, Emma, Sia, Jacob and Sadie.

The children and staff are very excited to get to know you and your families and be part of your

early years journey

Sun Safety 

Fingers crossed the weather is still going to be glorious in September. We will require all children to arrive wearing suncream and have suncream with them for us to reapply where necessary. All suncreams must be a minimum of factor 30 and sun hats are also required. We recommend legionnaires hats or bucket hats as these provide the best protection on the ears and neck. We cannot apply any one else’s suncream to your child if you forget yours due to the risk of allergies.

Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party this year will be held over 2 sessions.

Our over 2 year olds Christmas Party will be held on Tuesday 7th December 1pm-3pm. If your child isnt usually in on a Tuesday they are welcome to attend for the party. 

Our under 2 year old party will take place Thursday 9th December 12;30pm-2:30pm. Any babies that dont usually attend on a Thursday is welcome to attend for our party.

All children who are attending who arent usually in on the party days must confirm if they are attending before 1st December  the party for staffing and catering purposes.

Dates for your Diary

 Closure Dates 
Re open
Setting annual holiday 3pm Tuesday 12th October 
 (Private) Wednesday 5th January (Funded) Thursday 6th January onwards
 Closed for Christmas Wednesday 15th December Closed from today for funded only children Friday 17th Decmebr closed from 5pm today to all
 (Private) Wednesday 5th January (Funded) Thursday 6th January onwards
  Easter Holidays closed to all on Friday 15th April 
  Monday 25th April Open to all