Example menu 

Breakfast, a selection of malt wheat cereals, porridge or wholemeal toast (allergens catered for accordingly)

Early snack- Fresh or dried fruit with wholemeal toast or baked goods, served with a cup of milk (allergens catered for accordingly)

Lunch, a two course ‘menu, cooked on the premises using fresh, locally bought produce whenever possible. All children are encouraged to drink water after the meal to aid digestion.

Late snack  - afternoon (approx 4.00pm) - examples of afternoon snack are: jacket potatoes with cheese/beans or a selection of sandwiches or pizza, yoghurt, fruit and jelly etc.

Fresh drinking water and fruit is available throughout the day

What parents say about our meals

"You know you have a good childminder when she sends your son home with a pork dinner" :D Michaela-D's mammy

"I've bought the same food, from the same shop and the same brand and he still wont eat our food we give him but tell us its different to yours because yours "so yummy in my tummy" (his words lol) Kayleigh-F's mammy 

"I love the smell of food cooking in your home, it always makes me hungry it smells so good especially when its its freshly baked bread" Carly F's mum

The childminder is extremely attentive and consistently supports children's emotional well-being exceptionally well. She offers children an abundance of praise and encouragement. This contributes to the remarkable levels of confidence and self esteem demonstrated by them. 

Children demonstrate an excellent attitude to their learning, which helps to prepare them extremely well for school. They are consistently engaged in meaningful play and are highly curious, inquisitive and enthusiastic.

Clare Wilkins- Ofsted Inspector